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ExporTech Program Helps Palmer Bit Company Reach New Markets

Palmer Bit Company

Established in 1957, Palmer Bit Company (Palmer Bit) is a family-owned business that provides quality drill bits and time-tested services to the drilling industry. In 2008, Palmer Bit designed and developed the Diamond Devil PDC bit. 

They fabricate a multitude of custom-built carbide-insert drag bits and hole-openers. In addition, they re-tip both rock bits and drag bits; and restore button bits in-house. Palmer Bit strives to match the correct drilling bit to each drilling situation, carrying drilling tools from other manufacturers to provide a complete line of tools for our customers.

Many companies talk about customer service. Palmer Bit delivers on the promise of customer service through twenty-four hour phone service, expedited production and shipping, and expert problem solving. They carry a large inventory in order to meet quick turnaround times; because they understand that time spent waiting for a bit, is lost revenue for the driller.

Palmer Bit continues to be the vendor of choice for geo thermal and water well drillers for high quality bits, superior customer service, and invaluable expertise. They understand and appreciate the nature of the drilling industry.

Their mission statement reads, “We strive to exceed the expectations of each and every customer in product quality and service on every purchase.”

Being a manufacturer in North Dakota, Palmer Bit has the challenge of extra freight charges compared to their competition who is close to ports. They wanted to increase their exporting and find ways to compete with competitors with lower freight costs and improve contacts abroad.

Kevin Christensen, President, participated in the ExporTech program.  He said the largest impact personally, was listening to Tony Richards, Impact Dakota President/CEO, and getting some perspective on the importance of business planning. Palmer Bit will continue to expand internationally due to dedicated people of ExporTech like Heather Ranck and Tony Richards.

Thirty percent cost savings in freight.

Increased International Sales 12 percent.

Training – the value is unquantifiable. They will continue to use the training and knowledge gained for years.

“The knowledge and positive impact on Palmer Bit Company from Impact Dakota/ExporTech will be felt for years. I am looking forward to the opportunity to send my sons.”

—Kevin Christensen, President

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