Have you considered what your company's growth will be over the next five years?
Are you frustrated by the misalignment of organizational goals with what is actually being done in your company? 
Are your company’s growth plans supported by financial, capital, and human development plans? 

strategic assessments and plans

A current and achievable strategic plan is the foundation for any business – or it should be. The benefits of having a Strategic Plan include:

  • Precise direction on how to support and achieve planned growth
  • Clear leadership direction and aligned, focused organizational efforts
  • Lower overall operating costs
  • Increased employee morale and retention
  • Appreciation of shareholder value over the planning period

The first step is to establish your current state.  A Strategic Assessment serves as the starting point by determining strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities across your organization.  This includes evaluating assets (capital, financial, human), the market, liabilities, competitors, goals, objectives, customers, processes, and products/services.  Based on the results of the Strategic Assessment, Impact Dakota will help you to develop a customized Strategic Plan and implementation strategy, and then guide you through the process as you roll it out in your company.    

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