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Woodside Industries: Back to Lean Basics for All Employees

Woodside Industries

Founded in 2001 and located in Cavalier, ND, Woodside Industries is a privately-owned company that produces commercial industry cabinets, and storage solutions which maximize space restrictions. They add value-added appeal to the customer’s work area.

Their customers are contractors, industrial, institutional, dental, medical and retail. There is much competition with many being much larger companies.

Woodside Industries conducted basic Lean training for all employees several years ago and as new people joined the organization, Woodside saw the need to bring everyone up to the same playing field with empowerment and Continuous Improvement ideas and implementation.

Impact Dakota conducted a full one-day Lean 101 in November of 2015. Part of Lean 101 is suggesting that participants return to work and immediately put Lean practices to work in their own work areas. Impact Dakota followed up regularly with Woodside Industries.

Woodside’s employees are much more engaged in their work and making improvements to how their work is done. Employee satisfaction has improved by 25%.

“We value what Dakota MEP does and it allows our employees additional training that helps our business to improve as well.”
Jerry Symington, President & Owner

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