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On-boarding Training Results in 50% Reduction in Learning Curve, 7.5% Increase in Productivity and Sales Per New Employee for Woodside Industries

Woodside Industries

Located in Cavalier, ND, Woodside Industries is a privately-owned company that produces high-end commercial cabinetry. Some of their customers include dental and medical offices and public schools. 

Undocument Processes Leading to Long On-boarding Training

During a visit with Jerry Symington of Woodside Industries the issues of standard work and documented work instructions were discussed. His employees tended to perform jobs based on memory, or being shown how to do the job by another employee. Many processes were not documented and there was normally no standard process to perform any given job. This included jobs on the factory floor, in administration and the office. 

Skill Development in Effective Job Training

Skill Development in Effective Job Training would provide the basis to stabilize Woodside’s processes by assuring every person was performing the job in the same manner. It would also provide the tool to “have a person quickly remember how to do a job correctly, safely and conscientiously.” A third component of JIT, the job breakdown, would provide the basis for standard work and documented work instructions.

It was decided to provide JIT training for two hours each day of the week to the team. The remainder of each day would be spent with the Impact Dakota consultant, working one-on-one with participants to practice the four step method, create Job Breakdowns, and develop standard work as a result of these Job Breakdowns. The reduction in the learning curve that JIT could provide was projected.

50% Reduction in Learning Curve and 7.5% Increase in Productivity

Actions taken were to learn the JIT method and apply it with follow-up from Impact Dakota at later dates.

New employees make fewer mistakes when they are being trained. The learning curve was reduced by 50%, which results in a 7.5% increase in productivity and sales for every new employee. In addition, the reduction in the learning curve has a significant impact on cost, quality and delivery for Woodside’s customers.

To this date Impact Dakota continues to follow up with Woodside to help them continue their “journey” with JIT and Standard Work.

“Job Instruction was very helpful for our organization. It not only reduced our learning curve significantly, but now trainees on new jobs make fewer mistakes because the JI method helps the trainer tell and show the trainee, as well as having the trainee reciprocate back to the trainer, what we do, how we do it, and why we do it that way.” 

—Jerry Symington, Owner & President

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