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FDA Compliance Support Provides Perfect Ingredients for Schepp’s Dakota Deli

Schepp's Dakota Deli

Schepp’s Dakota Deli, was founded in 1995 by Lyle and Jerylyn Schepp, in Lansford, ND. A family-owned business with 22 employees, they produce and provide deli salads to grocery and retail stores and chains in the Midwest.

Schepp's Dakota Deli is a very-small food manufacturer located in rural Lansford, ND. They primarily manufacture salads and mixes for retail sales in local grocery chains in the upper-Midwest. With a strong history of customer satisfaction and food safety success, they were unsure how to respond to new regulatory rules (Food Safety Modernization Act) enacted by the FDA. Schepp's team confided in Impact Dakota that they were looking for that technical expertise to help ensure they were compliant and give them the confidence to know they could go into any FDA inspection with no worries.

Impact Dakota collaborated with our local ND partner food safety consultant, Travis Maddock of Dakota Global Consulting, LLC. Travis worked with the Schepp's team to evaluate existing food safety programs and to provide guidance on drafting of new policies and implementation procedures. Over 15 policies were written, updated, and implemented, including HACCP, Food Defense, and Training. Upon completion, Schepp's is compliant with all regulatory requirements, and meet all customer expectations of food safety.

  • Retained Sales of 100%
  • Retained Employees: 100%

Schepp’s Dakota Deli is very appreciative of the services received through Impact Dakota. The services and relationship established with Dakota Global Consulting are ongoing and have been immeasurably helpful. Thank you.

—Jerilyn Schepp, VP

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