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Lean Tools Help Dakota Micro Increase Performance by 30%

Dakota Micro

Dakota Micro, Inc., is a rapidly growing family-owned rural based electronic manufacturing company, focused on the mobile video surveillance market for use in both the agricultural and law enforcement fields. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most durable video equipment, suitable for endurance in the harshest environments. Their rural location allows for low overhead, and therefore, gives them the ability to offer products for a highly competitive price. 

Dakota Micro, Inc., is the exclusive manufacturer of the AgCam camera system and associated products. These items, and the current market for these items has been created by Dakota Micro, Inc. Their products are currently distributed throughout the U.S., Canada, Italy and Australia through a dealer/distributor network. This network currently includes 20 distributors and over 600 dealers in the United States and Canada. 

AgCam and associated products focus on, but are not limited to, the agricultural market. They have provided several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with private label product (including their Australian product line EziWatch), for use on air seeding system, recreational vehicles, etc. Some of these companies include Straw-Trak Mfg., Seed Hawk Mfg., Weiss McNair and Bell Industries. The AgCam has also been employed by other industries in need of a durable camera, including Coal Mines, Potash Mines, Oil Rigs, Construction Sites & Equipment and Manufacturing facilties. 

In the fall of 2004, they began incorporating police and rescue vehicle surveillance equipment into their product line and since that time, have been able to offer a system for the emergency market that is reliable, durable, easy-to-use and affordable.

Needed to Increase Productivity and Organizational Capacity

Dakota Micro, Inc., was introduced to the Impact Dakota and SBDC while looking for help in management and organization assistance.

Lean Tools

Impact Dakota provided services ranging from financial guidance to assistance with their product line. They secured a training course in Lean manufacturing, which greatly increased their productivity and organizational capabilities.

30% Increase in Performance

With all of the aspects of assistance Impact Dakota had to offer, the one that was primarily utilized by Dakota Micro was the manufacturing facility organizational help. 

Through Impact Dakota, Dakota Micro has moved to a primarily lean manufacturing process and has increased their performance by at least 30%. The lean process allows them to better track and correct quality control issues and improve manufacturing overall quality. 

With the arrival of their new product line, the layout of the new lines will reflect their new and improved method of production.

"The services that Impact Dakota has provided us have been crucial to our overall growth and development. I feel it would be a shame for any manufacturer to not take advantage of the vast knowledge and insight they have to offer." 

—Charissa Rubey, CFO

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