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Skill Development Training Results in 62% Decreased Employee Turnover for Cloverdale


Cloverdale’s quality story began in 1915, when Hoy Russell founded Mandan Creamery in Mandan, ND. Within a few years, the company successfully introduced a line of premium-grade pork products. In the 1970s they left the dairy business and diversified into a premium pork company, plus food service distribution and trucking. As Cloverdale Foods has evolved over the decades, it has remained a multi-generation, family-owned business. And along the way, they’ve never lost sight of the uncompromised insistence on top quality on which Hoy Russell founded their company.

Employee Turnover

Through previous meetings and conversations between Cloverdale and Impact Dakota personnel, it was determined that they wanted to improve their business operations and manufacturing processes.

 Skill Development in Effective Job Training, Skill Development in Improving Standardized Work Processes, Skill Development in Leading and Communicating with Others

The objective was to start a process of training and empowering the plant’s supervisory and training staff in leading and teaching other employees to better engage the workforce on initiating improvements, which will ultimately free up time of their leaders to work on more strategic issues.

Cloverdale and Impact Dakota believed that there were great opportunities to standardize job instruction, improve job methods, introduce and implement a job improvement proposal program, and develop a continuous improvement mindset through the implementation of skill development programs and take the steps necessary to achieve that potential. 

Additionally, Impact Dakota will assist Cloverdale in reducing employee turnover.

62% Decrease in Turnover

The skill development programs teaches supervisors to build effective job relations with people and also provides them with a simple four step process to identify issues early on and deal with them before they escalate. As part of a training and turnover reduction initiative including effectively implementing JR, Cloverdale has experienced a 62% decrease in employee turnover since the training began.

“These very powerful and proven tools can help any organization achieve its goals through the effective management of their people. The training is very effective and Impact Dakota has a deep bench of talent to draw from.”
—Sam Towner, Director of Operations, Cloverdale Foods Co.

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