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Implementing Lean Reduces Mandatory Overtime and Improves Equipment Usage for Baker Boy

Baker Boy

Baker Boy is a manufacturer of high quality bakery products serving the food service, bakery, and private label markets in the United States and Canada. They produce over 650 products and employ 250 people. The company began as a local bakery in the 1950s by Marvin Moos. Recognizing the need for a regional provider of quality dough products, the Moos family constructed a small facility in 1978 to manufacture frozen dough products. From the original 3,000 square foot facility, the business now encompasses an 85,000 square foot technologically sophisticated production facility.

Large Amounts of Overtime

Due to the high demand for their products, Baker Boy has had multiple expansions and significant employee growth over the last couple of years. As a result, employees were working large amounts of overtime on the baked goods line and the bake area equipment was being underutilized.

Lean Tools, Lean Assessment, Plant Layout, LECP

In an effort to inject new ideas into their organization, Baker Boy took advantage of a number of training sessions on Lean Manufacturing sponsored by the Impact Dakota. The first session was held in November 2001 and two more sessions have been held in 2002. Leading the efforts to implement Lean at Baker Boy are Bob Maeyaert, vice president; Todd Pechtl, production supervisor; and Ken Kreitinger, efficiency coordinator. Together, with teams of employees, they have been applying many concepts --such as 5S -- into the workplace. The Impact Dakota has provided additional insight through plant visits, self-administered assessments and implementation assistance. The first major change was the elimination of mandatory overtime, due to improved facility utilization. The next major change was the organization of the baked goods line area. Now it is a visual organization and materials are easy to find. Everything is clean and in place. Also, employees are involved and feel they are a part of the team.

Mandatory Overtime Reduce, Utilization of Equipment Increases

  • Went to a 7-day week work structure, which has resulted in no mandatory overtime for 34 consecutive weeks.
  • Baked goods area is now utilized 93% of the time, compared to 71% of the time, with overtime, prior to Lean.
  • Clean, organized workplace with increased efficiency.
  • Encouraged a sense of teamwork.

"We have taken pickup loads of material and equipment out of the work area that wasn't being used. We have a double labeling system. Now employees know where everything is. This has not only increased our efficiency, but improved morale. We are hearing a lot of positive comments from our employees." -- Ken Kreitinger, Efficiency Coordinator of Baker Boy

"We know what Lean can do for us. We are still in the very early stages of implementation. Now, we are headed into value streaming and doing an analysis on each motion in our production lines. Lean will enhance our bottom line and make our workplace more attractive and fun for our employees because they are involved. Ultimately, lean will increase our output, increase sales and increase the number of employees." -- Bob Maeyaert, Vice President of Baker Boy

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