Are business policies and practices in place to sustain Lean improvements?
Do your employees particiate in and embrace improvement projects?
Would you like to accelerate your Lean transformation?

Experts estimate that 80% of becoming a Lean enterprise is culture-related. Lean transformations are more readily sustained when the new tools and behaviors implemented are aligned with the ownership and leadership team’s vision.

lean cultureA successful Lean transformation involves much more than using Lean tools to make shop floor changes in order to reduce waste. You MUST leverage the knowledge and expertise of your employees at all levels of the organization. That involves a mind-set, behavioral, and cultural change. The company’s policies, practices, and even the language, must focus on creating a Lean Culture.

Impact Dakota can help your business achieve these key benefits of a Lean Culture:

  • Identify and eliminate obstacles of Lean implementation
  • Accelerate the implementation and acceptance of improvements
  • Develop internal processes which support Lean focused behaviors
  • Fully utilize and retain top talent using effective training

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