September 2017

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Why Should I Care?

Nearly 1 in 6 Americans get sick from foodborne illnesses every year. Approximately 3,000 die each year. The FSMA is intended to significantly reduce these mostly preventable occurrences in the food manufacturing industry. The FSMA is a sweeping law which was passed in 2011 and has given the FDA great responsibilities and enhanced jurisdiction.

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Impact Dakota is hosting a Food Safety Training Workshop in Bismarck on October 24-26, for individuals who need to become a certified Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI).

Is Lean Dead?

Is Lean dead? is the provocative title of a podcast hosted by Mark Graban with guest Karen Martin. The question, the podcast description says, is “easy to discuss, but hard to answer”.

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The Eight "Wastes" of Lean

Lean defines waste, or muda, as anything in your organization’s processes that does not add value for the end customer. By identifying and eliminating waste using lean principles, manufacturers and businesses ultimately increase productivity and profit.

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8 Essential Manufacturing Safety Tips

The Bureau of Statistics reported that 2.9 million workers were injured or became ill in 2015 while on the job. The reported figure represents an approximate rate of 3 cases per 100 employees, a slight improvement from the previous year's 3.2 figure. While this is good news, employers have a ways to go in order to ensure the safety of their people. 

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Why Lean?

Are your employees knowledgeable about Lean best practices?
Are you struggling to maintain implemented process improvements?
Can your employees lead Kaizen events and successfully implement improvements?

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