There is tremendous pressure on organizations to implement best practices and improvements that will make them more competitive, productive and profitable – today and in the future. Bringing companies together in a High Performing Consortium provides a significant opportunity to help them with their overall development. 

What is a Consortium?

A Consortium is a structured group (typically 8 to 12) of non-competing organizations who come together with a commitment to attain world-class performance through continuous improvement, innovation and people development. 

Best practice development, learning and problem solving are led and facilitated through assessments, company visits, member hosted meetings, learning sessions, projects and workshops through the year.  Members provide direction through their charter, strategic and action plans. 

Your organization will save valuable resources by not making the same mistakes or in solving the same problem, by leveraging the existing capabilities, experience and knowledge of other Consortium members and the resources available to the Consortia. 

A Consortium in Action

Since 2001, Impact Dakota has provided assistance to proactive companies in continuous improvement, innovation and in the development of people.  Providing leadership, facilitation and management services to support companies participating in Consortia and User Groups is a logical next step to help companies achieve higher levels of performance.

One such example is the Red River Valley High Performance Consortium.  Based on their strategic plan, the ten members are planning the following:

  • 80% participation in all consortia opportunities
  • Extending consortia participation to all key staff within each company
  • Promoting their companies and sharing best practices in a Share Showcase
  • Developing at least 1 partnership with another high performance Consortium
  • Engaging in at least 2 major improvement projects – designed to address key needs members have
  • Participating in 5 member hosted board meetings – best practice sharing problem solving and tours
  • Partaking in 2 company visits (study missions) – driven by member needs
  • Engaging in a “4P” assessment of their company (purpose, people, processes and problem solving)
  • Participating in 4 webinars / workshops – driven by member needs 

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