Concurrent Sessions — 3:15 - 4:30 p.m. (April 18, 2018)


How to Build a Business Scorecard - Eric Newell
Get a grip on your business with a weekly business scorecard. Do you have a crystal-clear, real-time understanding of your business numbers? Can you articulate where money is coming from, where it’s going, and what’s on the horizon? If the answer is no, then you need a business scorecard. The power of a functioning business scorecard is that you always have a pulse on the business and can help with adjusting to some of the inevitable challenges. It gives you an objective look at the business, gathers a data set to help you make better-informed decisions and provides visibility on a weekly basis.

The topics covered in this session include:
• Why use a scorecard (hint, it’s about insight to revenues and profits)
• How to determine the appropriate scorecard for your business
• How to build your scorecard
• How to use your scorecard to make decisions affecting your bottom line
• Why it needs to be actionable
The focus of this session is learning how to pull and review the right data for your business needs, and give yourself the opportunity to course-correct before it’s too late. Attendees will receive a list of key scorecard metrics for the manufacturing industry and have the opportunity to identify what’s most important. The session will also provide a look behind the curtain by creating a simple report to show how to display those measurements in visually appealing dashboards that can vary by role and department.

Vampires @ Work: Handling Difficult People and Drama - Kostas Voutsas
Get past the drama of difficult people, improve work relationships, reduce stress, and keep calm when kittens become tigers at work. Explore solutions to managing workplace conflict to better lead and succeed.
• Identify the causes and costs of workforce conflict
• Learn how to resolve conflicts before they grow into major crises
• Handle difficult people including chronic complainers, emotional exploders, and other difficult people

Energy Savings and Sustainability - Damian Smith
Total Energy Concepts (TEC) is a national leader in Power Protection, Energy Management, Power Quality, Refrigeration and HVAC Optimization, Facility Grounding, and Lighting Solutions that help companies improve their bottom line by reducing expenses that drastically cut into company profits. TEC focuses first and foremost on a holistic approach with each and every customer — design and engineer a system made up of multiple products which offers the most energy savings for the least amount of investment, but still offers the most benefits for the customer. TEC can show you how to get your bottom line back and give your business a raise!

Manufacturing and Engineering Landmines - How to Avoid and Overcome - Aaron Sorenson
Applied Engineering with more than 30 years of helping manufacturers will share the challenges most often encountered by large and small manufacturers.  While some challenges can be avoided, others require expertise and strength to get through. If you are a new manufacturer, design, prototyping and capital might be your primary obstacles.
As an experienced manufacturer, adopting technology, global competition and communication may be holding you back.

In this presentation, we will answer the following questions:
• What are examples of the internal and external connectivity and communication challenges and options for manufactures?
• What are examples and answers to design and process challenges for new and existing products?
• What are manufacturer’s common gaps to sustain long-term success?



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