Concurrent Sessions — 1:30 - 2:45 p.m. (April 18, 2018)


Lean Process & Lean Building Blocks (Level: Introductory) - Reza Maleki
Lean means creating more value through identification and elimination of wastes and hence more effective use of resources. This presentation includes the general approach to identification of wastes and discussion of lean building blocks tools that can help with reducing and/or eliminating wastes. 

Driving Growth with Technology - Keith Deibert
Automation technology when used effectively can drive growth in an environment of workforce shortage. Collaborative robots, vision systems, sensor, conveyors, automatic guided vehicles and other automation need to be integrated into the cell design and layout. Substituting an automation operator for a human operator is not a one-for-one substitution scenario. Considerations need to be made in regards to transportation of material; input and output; interaction to adjoining workstations; and part presentation. A holistic review of the work to be done, material flow, and types of automation needed, must be analyzed and accommodated in the design or redesign of the work cell. 

About ISO 9001:2015 - Paul Palmes
ISO 9001 is the worlds’ most popular management system standard with over 1.3 million users here and abroad. Revised in 2015 and carrying the requirement that organizations respond to new requirements by years’ end, many companies are now in the last stages of preparation for their upgrade audit. The 2015 revision contains a sweeping set of changes that were inspired by hard choices and the call for strategic, market-based thinking. This session will examine these new requirements and how they came about from the perspective of a standards writer and long-time quality professional. 

Manufacturing and Millennials: Attracting and Retaining the Next Generation of Talent - Jeffon Seely
This highly interactive workshop is focused on Attracting and Retaining Millennials (and the emerging Generation 2020) through the creation of an inclusive and engaging workplace. Engagement is a performance initiative which is strongly influenced by the dynamically changing composition and demographics of the workforce, as well as their unique expectations. The essence of engagement is the establishment of a mutual agreement between management and the broad-base workforce to create a workplace where passion, innovation, and exceptional performance prevail. The most important aspect of this agreement are implementation of the principles of operation, based upon—empowerment, democracy, transparency, innovation, and inclusion— as reflected by our in-depth research over the past five years. These principles will be brought to life using a team-oriented case study exercise.


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